How it happened | Lavender Hurley Pants

When I first gave up my office slave life and officially started Kingston Dressmaking in 2017, I began by making children’s clothing. I was absolutely desperate to get my hands on a baby pink pinwale corduroy and searched high and low for it. I finally found a roll and grabbed as much as I could - around 8metres.

Sometimes the hunt is more important than the result, I guess. Because that longed for baby pink corduroy sat there unloved and unwanted whilst I transitioned into making women’s clothing - which I absolutely adore by the way.

Every time I walked up the stairs into the studio, the baby pink cord looked at me, as if mocking me. I had to do something. I had already envisaged pants. They would be super cuddly and warming - like a hug from your nana. But not in the baby pink. So I waited a little longer.

A chance meeting with a friend reminded me of the joys and wonders of dying fabric. So with trepidation the baby pink was transformed into an amazing lavender colour and became the Hurley pant (while a little more of it was dyed an amazing sea-green and became the Paperboy Pants).

Here they are, absolutely one-only pair like it in the whole world! Check out the Lavender Hurley pants on the website.

Cheers for now. Take care and stay safe.


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